Common Myths About Day Habilitation Programs

Day habilitation is a service that supports individuals with disabilities. Also called adult daycare, it enables these individuals to fully participate in our community while making connections with others who are facing similar barriers to their independence. As a leading provider of residential care in Maryland, we will discuss the most common myths about day habilitation:

  1. Myth #1 – Only adults with severe disabilities can join adult daycare.
    Contrary to popular belief, adult daycare serves individuals with a range of disabilities, including mental illness, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Adult daycare provides a safe and supportive environment where participants can choose which program best meets their needs.
  2. Myth #2 – All participants do is watch TV or do puzzles all day.
    Day habilitation programs offered by your community’s group home in Owings Mills, Maryland offer several activities. This includes meaningful volunteer opportunities at local animal shelters and similar organizations. They also offer a wide range of activities depending on the participants’ hobbies and interests.
  3. Myth #3 – Adult daycare is expensive.
    Nowadays, day habilitation programs accept a wide range of payment methods. Most notably, some programs accept insurance through waiver programs. It’s best to inquire beforehand to determine your payment options if you have a loved one who you think can benefit from adult daycare.

Standard Integrated Supports, Inc. is a trusted provider of developmental disabilities services that aim to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Reach out to us for more information about our programs and services.

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