Standard Integrated Supports, INC.

Our Guidelines For Serving You

SIS, Inc. fosters the following values for the individuals served that are guidelines for the staff providing the services.


with supports, the ability for one to fully engage in all aspects of his/her life and promote better self-worth


with supports, the ability for one to exercise their basic human rights without limitations due to their disability


with supports, the ability to free from abuse and neglect—the ability to have access to the same treatment as a non-disabled person

Information Sharing

with supports, the ability to access information that will assist one in making choices about any aspect of life


with supports, the ability to make choices regarding one’s life

Areas We Currently Serve

The Standard Integrated Support, Inc. proposes to provide services in the following areas:

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 We’re focused on providing quality services that will guarantee our clients’ health and safety at home and in the community while supporting them to achieve a maximum level of independence.

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