Learn How Adults with Disabilities Benefit from Day Habilitation

A day habilitation program is a person-centered day program that includes scheduled activities and formalized training to promote skill development, independence, and community inclusion. Day habilitation can be provided by a group home in Owings Mills, Maryland to support adults with disabilities.

As a provider of residential care in Maryland, we will discuss how adults with disabilities benefit from day habilitation programs:

  • Convenience, safety, and support
    What’s great about day habilitation is that adults with disabilities can continue living at home and visit the facility every weekday. This ensures their safety and provides convenience for family members. What’s more, is that disabled adults have access to their family support system at home.
  • Opportunities for socialization
    Adults with disabilities are often excluded from the community. Hence, day habitation programs provide an excellent opportunity for disabled adults to socialize. These programs promote community inclusion and allow them to participate in social activities to build relationships with other people.
  • Receive training for employment
    Many facilities that offer day habitation programs offer training to support employment. Our Supported Employment (SE) services are designed to provide disabled adults with work opportunities while providing ongoing support as they reach their maximum potential.

Standard Integrated Supports, Inc. is a leading provider of developmental disabilities servicesReach out to us to learn more about our ongoing programs and services today.

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