Social Workers in Development Disability Therapy

There are specific disabilities that hinder a person’s development from childhood, like cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and many others. However, they are just roadblocks that an individual with these conditions can surmount when they are given access to the right resources.

With the help of developmental disabilities services, individuals developmental disabilities can get around, or even surpass, their handicaps and become outstanding members of the community they belong to. Of course, as mentioned earlier, they need access to resources like training, occupational therapy, etc.

This is where a social worker comes in. These angels are responsible for assessing the skills as well as the specific circumstances of an individual with a developmental disability. Once a social worker has determined the person’s strengths, he gets to work identifying the resources needed to nurture those skills for the benefit of the individual.

For instance, the social worker can identify which group home in Owings Mills, Maryland has a development disability therapy program. He can also assist the person’s family in securing Medicaid coverage as well as financial assistance schemes for people with disabilities.

Last but not least, a social worker can keep tabs on the services provided to his client and determine whether these services are adequate or not.

Standard Integrated Supports, Inc. offers developmental disability services as well as residential care in Maryland. If you need our help, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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